Henbury are fully committed to the wellbeing and development of our planet which has encouraged big changes to our personal outlook and the way we trade. We aim to help our customers and make it easier to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill.

Going forward, our products will be packaged in recycled plastic bags, which are recyclable at the end of life. Packaging components are being reduced by a huge 77% across shirts and we are reducing the number of products that are individually packaged. Finally, our bags will be made for reuse; they are resealable for ease of re-packaging and branding is being removed to allow ease of re-branding.

On top of this, our employees are making a conscious choice to go paperless and recycle all excess fabrics/garments.



We work with the very highest level of manufacturers developing strong, long-term partnerships to promote understanding of International Ethical Trading practices. Working with all our global suppliers to promote respect for workers’ rights, ensuring workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equality.

We fully recognise the importance of the people and the countries where we manufacture, and we require any associated manufacturer or supplier to share our commitment to fair and safe working practices. Our manufacturing locations are personally selected, inspected via an independent, fully recognised and accredited ethical auditing body and supported with continuous monitoring by our local representatives. This ensures working conditions and practices are to the highest standard and within local government laws.

In addition to ensuring our high ethical standards are achieved, we support and sponsor a number of local charities within the communities with which we work and manufacture.



A further indication of our commitment to social responsibility is in the number of certifications that we hold. Specific information by style and clarification relating to various certifications and standards is available from us on request.